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Getting Motivation For Weight Loss Is All In The Head

I must admit, I sometime make the weight loss equation seem so simple the “ eat less and exercise more ” method but there is a very real need for weight loss motivation. Also, a lot of times when those extra pounds are trimmed, they come back in a lot of cases. One idea to help you with getting motivation for weight loss would be to always try to be present mentally. This way you will become mindful of what you eat and how much you exercise.


Surrounded By Motivation Killers

To implement this mindset that will help with your motivation for weight loss , it is vital that you understand what factors usually go unnoticed that will lead to you eating more food and becoming less physically active.

The role of food – Serving sizes have are beginning to increase in size nowadays, and that go for home cooked meals and dining out, but eating out is where the real problem lies. So the bigger portions coupled with our busy lifestyle in which we eat less fruits and veggies and consume more fast foods turns it into a compounding problem. Again this is easier said than done because those on-the-go products are easier to manage but you must remain conscious that this will have a negative effect on your health in the long run.

Automated everything – I can’t lie I enjoy technology just as much as the next person but the fact that we can automate everything today from washing machines to dishwashers makes more room for us to become lazy. The things we use every day can hamper our motivation for weight loss.

The good things – With the chaos of everyday life lessening our time for meal preparation and physical activity we have to continue to be mindful that even though its unintentional eating healthy and exercise can fall by the wayside. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice a lot to change these habits for the better. We all have a built in component to help us with this: the mind. When I say be conscious I mean to be fully aware of what’s going on because it’s easy to go into autopilot with doing the same things everyday such as: wake up, get dressed, go to work, come home and eat, and then do it all over again.  So be conscious of what you are eating and how much you are moving and try to enjoy both.

Making it work – When you begin to follow this advice, it will take practice, but a week or two of implementation will turn these tips into habits to help with motivation for weight loss .

motivation for weight loss Take a moment – From time to time take some time to enjoy a meal and relax without distractions. I don’t mean eating from a desk at work, or a tray in front of your TV. It can be as simple as sitting in your own dining room or patio but aim to have a pleasant and quiet atmosphere for your relaxing meal. Some soothing music and light convo is a great addition.

Allow each bite to be an event – Try to be conscious of each sensation: the taste, look, smell, texture of each bite. When you are mindful of what you are eating it tends to take longer but this doesn’t mean each meal will be 2 hours long but just pay attention to your food.

The opportunity to move and increase physical activity presents itself multiple times throughout the day. Take advantage of the chances. Try parking at the back of a parking lot and using the stairs instead of taking an elevator. Replace plans for a lunch with a good friend to plans for a nice walk with your friend. Also, when having company over, plan outdoor games such as a softball game instead of eating dinner. For those who jobs requires an office, take a break every hour to do some pushups, situps, jumping jacks, or just walk around the perimeter of the space. The whole thing is to do any type of activity that will get your blood flowing.

Hopefully this will help you with achieving your motivation for weight loss.

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