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    Diet Veloctity There has never been a better time than now to switch to a healthier way of living. People are working full-time work weeks, stress is on the rise, and the time we have for eating is decreasing – not to mention eating the right foods. Diet Velocity is here to help you navigate [...]

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  • The Diet

    Have you ever thought to yourself what the word diet means? According to several historical backgrounds, it is simply a “manner of living.” When you refer to the dictionary it is defined as “food and drink regularly provided and consumed.” Ever since obesity has become widespread we now switched our views, the meaning has changed [...]

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  • Diet Foods

    There are many people that are confused about what is truly a healthy diet. There are those that think that they can get by with eating a small portion of vegetables per week and this will result in their body getting a sufficient amount of diet foods. A healthy diet is a diet loaded with [...]

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  • To Lose Weight

    It’s a proven fact that diets do indeed work. Aside from the group who want to make money off of your weight problems, almost every fitness plan, book, article, or regiment will help you lose weight as long as you actually take action. Getting and staying motivated to lose weight is probably the most important [...]

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  • Product Recommendation

    Sometimes it can be tough to determine which weight loss product, diet plan, or eating regime to go with due to the weight loss market being overly saturated. You can find dieting products everywhere from the mom and pops store around the corner to the biggest celeb sponsorship being plastered over every magazine and commercial break. Our [...]

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  • Author

    Raised with his two cousins Kenneth and Xavier Johnson by his mother Devonne Mack, young Bobby grew up in a family that encouraged intellectual curiosity, empathy for others and a healthy self-esteem. Bobby currently lives in Daytona Beach, FL but his businesses allows him to work anywhere in the nation. Originally born in Fayetteville, North [...]

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    We enjoy receiving feedback from our visitors. Please feel free to contact our support team. Your questions allows us to provide a better user experience.

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